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I do copywriting and I have been a military wife and had annual training in information security when I worked for a major insurance company for over five years. That company also talked a lot about its ground-breaking marketing that made its name a household word and I learned a lot from exposure to their marketing.

I have gone through some of your links and cannot readily see where or how to contribute copywriting. So I am leaving a comment here.

I went to your website. I will suggest that instead of saying Umbrella: Security made easy that you change that to Umbrella: Security at your fingertips. Security is never easy and anyone who has dealt with real risk will likely have trouble taking you seriously if you position yourself as making security easy. Plus, the phrasing evokes those push-button little umbrellas that rapidly pop open while also more literally referring to having your tablet in your hands.

Edit: I will further add that you should change Digital and physical security for people at risk in some way. "People at risk" evokes poor people and abused wives and children born in the wrong country. It implies that this app is not of potential benefit to anyone and everyone, just certain people that you would likely think of as losers. You need to update that, to something more along the lines of "Digital and physical security information for an insecure world."

Awesome! This is the interesting type of insight we are looking for. Going to drop you a mail directly to follow up :)

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