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Exabeam | www.exabeamc.om | Fulltime | ONSITE | San Mateo, CA (Bay Area)

Hiring for backend engineers, infrastructure engineers, DevOps Engineers,

What We Do - User Behavior Analytics Exabeam is the leading provider of user and entity behavior analytics, based on security-based data science and innovative Stateful User Tracking technology. We enable customers to detect and thwart cyber attacks that would otherwise go unseen by most enterprises. At the same time, we exponentially increase the productivity and effectiveness of valuable security operations teams by enabling them to cut through the noise of thousands of alerts and focus immediately on high-risk user profiles and behaviors.

Technical Challenges Exabeam faces technical challenges combining the fields of software development, machine learning, and security. The system needs to process a huge amounts of data in real time, including being able to track users as they move in the infrastructure and perform all machine learning/anomaly detection algorithms. The system must be able to scale horizontally to process any type of log/input data.

Exabeam is building two brand new products that are scheduled to be released in early 2017.

Tech Stack Frontend: JavaScript, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Sass, Scala/Play Backend: Scala, Akka, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, HDFS, Docker

Email me at zack@exabeam.com

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