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My limited experience of older people and computers has been very positive. All the older members of my family (70s - 89) use computers for email, research, shopping etc. The eldest (90 in June) has been playing with computers for years and until very recently was having fun with programming languages and wrote quite a few simple python utilities. A couple of them use and are comfortable with cloud based tools like delicious. If I asked, I think they would probably give up TV before their PCs and laptops.

I think that is great, and they are very fortunate. Unfortunately it doesn't match my experience with such seniors.

The ones I have contact with are totally intimidated by computers and can't seem to get past the complexity of using such simple things as the mouse and figuring out how the Windows work.

The ones which are more adventurous do use computers, but they loose their Windows and end up opening the same thing several times because the previous window was covered up by another, that kind of thing. This is where I believe the iPad makes such big difference to these people.

I know what an important tool computers can be to the older folk in my life; so, yes, if the iPad allows more seniors to benefit from computers then that's fantastic.

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