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OpenEye Scientific | Santa Fe, NM | Onsite/Fulltime | http://www.eyesopen.com/careers

OpenEye Scientific Software provides software to the Pharmaceutical Industry for molecular modeling and cheminformatics. It has done so since 1997 in its continuing mission to provide novel software, new science and better business practices to the industry. Central to our approach is the importance of shape and electrostatics as primary variables of molecular description, platform-independent code for high-throughput 2D and 3D modeling, and a preference for the rigorous rather than the ad hoc.

We have three open positions in Santa Fe, NM. Some of the technologies we use are Python, Go, C++, Django, Docker, and AWS. We are growing our small team and looking for talented backend engineers and DevOps engineers.

Santa Fe is a beautiful mountain town with excellent outdoor recreation (hiking, skiing, cycling) as well as art, music & food culture.

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