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While I think this is cool (and I used to do linux kernel work, before moving to product development, mostly iPhone app dev these days, so you really don't get how cool this is to me), I don't see why you'd want to do this: 99% of the good stuff in the iPhone is the software, not the hardware.

Very true. I have a Linux phone (Android) and I must concur that it sucks. I really regret buying it. Particularly since HTC has done an Apple on me and made it extremely difficult to install a new ROM.

It's most probably not HTCs fault/decision, seeing that the Nexus One is from HTC and has no such restrictions. I think the mobile operators demand this.

If you bought it in the last 30 days, you can return it...

That's what Palm thought, and their shitty, unreliable hardware has helped to kill their company (in addition to the woefully late SDK).

True. So what we'll need to do is to run the iPhone OS virtualized under Linux. Or perhaps using an ARM emulator. :)

I would consider doing this just because what I'm currently stuck with is an iPhone.

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