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> Yes. It's multi-provider authentication as a service.

I see. Thanks for clarifying!

I just thought Persona was about privacy (IdPs unaware about identity consumers), and potential browser integration - this was its good points. So, when comparing to Persona, this one looks pale to me.

> Blockchains?

TBH, I don't see any necessity to prove chronologies or require global consensus, unless a globally-unique human-readable identities (like email addresses, but actually owned) are desirable. But are they? I mean, when I walk in some company's reception desk, I don't normally show them some universally recognized ID, I just say "hi, I'm your customer, we had business before - you know me as Aleksey".

Just that I believe it's good to have an authentication protocol (something better than usernames-and-passwords) that is universally accepted, rather than an universally accepted identity. Do you know, does general audience wants it differently?

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