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> ...unfortunately our domain for whatever reason wasn't deemed beyond reproach by gmail et al. ... aside from those that got blocked some just disappeared into a void after being accepted by gmail...

This is why I have started to really loathe GMail. I get that spam is a problem but, periodically, Google decides to shit-can e-mails from me to their subscribers with no notification to me or the recipient. I know for an absolute fact that no one sends spam from my server because I'm the only person who uses that server and it has no mail-sending scripts on it. My DKIM and SPF records are configured and working, my sending IPs have been consistent for years, and my domain's registration predates the existence of Google[0]. But still, every 4 months or so, Google decides to get its hackles up for a few days and then everything goes back to normal.

0 - This is maybe one reason that compounds my frustration because I've been on the Internet long enough to remember when this wasn't a problem and when mail admins could talk to each other to resolve things like this.

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