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I'm curious if there is any sort of EULA or click through licensing that prohibits this, or if there was any low level DRM that needed to be hacked around.

Apple has a history of trying to thwart efforts to run their software on other hardware, but I don't recall any efforts to prevent other software from running on their hardware. They area a hardware company, after all.

It requires jailbreaking your iPhone, which according to Apple is illegal. And they're probably right per the DMCA.

The DMCA doesn't apply to phones.

Where's your evidence to support this?

Who is indicted for jailbreaking their iPhone?

Oh yeah, nobody.

DMCA does not apply to anything you own.

Was it ever used against consumers that don't try to make a shop out of modified equipment?

Luckily depending on where he lives EULA/Clickthrough/Wrapper licenses are either illegal, frowned on, or "We'll add that into consideration.". If he's in the US, then it's by state. Outside of the US it's by country.

I'm not really concerned with enforceable legality so much as what Apple's current stance is as a means of predicting any response if this project grew.

His carrier is Rogers, he is likely in Canada.

He's fine.

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