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I'd like to see ongoing discussion of the extent that HN-posted research conforms to being "Good Enough."

Here's a task for you: whenever you see a piece of research posted to HN, run it through a checklist from this article and post it as a comment. I'll happily upvote. It will surely keep the discussion going on HN constantly :).

Why stop there? Let's build a ML system that does this for us! How long before the Show HN submission?

Sure! But until that Show HN, 'RA_Fisher seems like a perfect protein bot for the task ;).

Not a bad idea. :)

It's important to differentiate the general concept of "Good Enough" as in "that's good enough" from the software engineering approach that, while coined from the same term, is surprisingly more formalized around balancing risk/effort vs. achieving perfection

Agreed. I think scientists and software engineers can really teach each other quite a bit. So I'd love to see a day whereby the phrase is more often used in science to mean making defensible trade-offs rather than achieving basic competency.

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