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> We as a society have decided that our brightest minds should be working in finance

"society" hasn't decided anything. Under capitalism, money flows towards where it is allocated most efficiently and gets the highest rate of return, which is apparently to employ researchers in the finance sector. If you have an issue with that, take it up with capitalism.

> we need to increase the supply of these research jobs, and make them more attractive then working in finance.

Barring the revolution I vaguely implied above, these two things would require lots of money and lots of money, respectively. Have fun asking for it in 2016's political environment.

You're being pedantic. We our the ones who govern ourselves and dictate our own economic system, and this system is responsible for our current situation.

We don't necessarily have to move off capitalism. We simply need to address the flaws of capitalism, say by increasing research funding or not bailing out large investment banks every time they make awful bets.

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