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Ask HN: What payment provider today for a side project?
13 points by _Codemonkeyism on Oct 21, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

for a SaaS B2B side project I need a payment option. What do people use today, still Recurly?

Thanks for your opinions!


It really depends on the volume and size of your sale.

If you have high volume and low cost, you are better off going with something simple like Stripe/Braintree. The fees are relatively high, but the ease of implementation could be worth it.

If you have low volume and high cost, you should consider something that supports ACH payments. Like Dwolla or Stripe ACH. Stripe ACH only charges $5 max per transaction. That is great is you are selling $1k+ per unit.

Thanks this really helped my understanding, it's more like many small payments. But for another client of mine who does manual invoicing ACH could be interesting.

I'd recommend Stripe. Braintree is also popular.


I have no connection to Dwolla, but their API is easy to use and I have not had any problems. It took a few days to get an active account.

It's ACH-based so the pricing is different than credit card payments.


Will take a look

I woud tell you stripe until they turned down my project because they thought it was not in their interest and their investors could be unhappy?! After totally missig my idea point they redirected me to a pdf with a clause about "unclear" projects.

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