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Since I demonstrated 100 Bit/sec DL, I assume you friend exceeds that on T-mobile?

Have you tested signal quality in large buildings in Manhattan?

I can say I get signals in these buildings when iPhone owners using say, AT&T get no signal.

I suspect that much of the difference you see might have something to do with your handset.

This report demonstrates that Verizon has the best network. http://cellularinsights.com/state-of-lte-advanced/

Lol, that report was written by a T-Mobile employee: https://www.reddit.com/user/milan03 . All it stated was Verizon has been active on densifying their network and is purchasing 4x4 equipment. Verizon does own the most spectrum in NYC, but they have not been leading on LTE-Advanced feature rollout.

T-Mobile already had that equipment deployed for over a year in some markets. They also are the only ones running 256QAM DL 64QAM across their entire LTE footprint (though you'd need a phone supporting it) increasing the spectral efficiency 15-20%.

If you can tolerate the boasting typical of a press release this is the CTO of T-Mobile discussing what they have already rolled out: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/lte-advanced.ht...

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