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Last Friday I couldn't even get a page to load on my iPhone with "full bars" on Verizon. Where does all the money go towards? Not fios, that's for sure (Verizon defaulted on a deal with the city to roll out fiber to all households[0]).


Since joining Verizon I've realized that bars are more or less meaningless. There are many times when I can't even make a phone call with "full bars."

Sadly, I've also been very disappointed with FiOS speeds lately.

Verizon's claims are pure BS. When I did some work for a company called CrunchButton, I figured out (using my fiance's phone) that Verizon had towers that weren't connected to anything. They were just there to provide you with 'full signal' (your phone never connected to these towers) so they could claim coverage in that area. You couldn't make a phone call from that area on the Verizon network. Meanwhile, my T-Mobile phone showed three bars and worked flawlessly.

Don't trust Verizon. They're a sham company.

Would you elaborate?

Verizon seems to think it's a better investment to spend money on ads saying their network is good, than actually spending money on making the network good.

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