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There are a few high-rises in SF with gigabit fiber optic to the premises. It's nice, but it makes me sad that "anti-techie" sentiment is so strong that most of the city won't get it.

Srs. My ISP is Sonic, and I'm happy to give them money, because they give me every reason to believe they share values that are important to me, but god, I wish the NIMBY would get out of the way of them rolling out FTTP city-wide.

I suspect it's the complete lack of actual cable vaults beneath the streets in suburbia that is the issue here. Those things should be /required/ by regulation.

Actually there should be three isolated types:


Clean flows (water in, gas, telecom/data)

Outflows . . .

Why the wired Internet is so bad in SF is another question entirely (one I'd like to have the answer to, because I'm so sick of my AT&T copper based DSL, but my hatred for Comcast is very strong due to their billing practices ).

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