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> using 4G and LTE interchangeably which I find troubling

I think in Europe HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA+ were more consistently called 3.5G, 3.75G and perhaps 3.9G, so 4G and LTE can be synonyms.

In America, operators are marketing HSPA+ as 4G, so then there is a need to specify when 4G is LTE and when not.

Exactly. I can confirm this is the case in Singapore too. An HSPA+ network is labeled as 3G on the iPhone. In the US, when I see 4G on my phone I know it's going to be slow.

I call that FauxG! ;)

At least in the nordics the system seems to be something like this:

1G = NMT

2G = GSM


4G = LTE

Which is also what the standard bodies, mainly 3GPP, that produces all the technical documents for these systems (architecture, protocol specs., functional behavior, frequencies, coding schemes, security algorithms and so on) calls their technology.

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