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Living in SF, I haven't really noticed this, which the article bears out. I was actually just commenting in one of our Slack channels at $work that it's still kinda weird to me that the internets are, on average, at least 4x faster (throughput, not latency) on my phone vs my home internet service (bonded DSL).

EDIT: Out of curiosity, I just checked again, first on LTE and then on WiFi:

  LTE:   30ms ping  64mbit/s down  23mbit/s up
  WiFi:  24ms ping  6mbit/s down   2mbit/s up

There are a few high-rises in SF with gigabit fiber optic to the premises. It's nice, but it makes me sad that "anti-techie" sentiment is so strong that most of the city won't get it.

Srs. My ISP is Sonic, and I'm happy to give them money, because they give me every reason to believe they share values that are important to me, but god, I wish the NIMBY would get out of the way of them rolling out FTTP city-wide.

I suspect it's the complete lack of actual cable vaults beneath the streets in suburbia that is the issue here. Those things should be /required/ by regulation.

Actually there should be three isolated types:


Clean flows (water in, gas, telecom/data)

Outflows . . .

Why the wired Internet is so bad in SF is another question entirely (one I'd like to have the answer to, because I'm so sick of my AT&T copper based DSL, but my hatred for Comcast is very strong due to their billing practices ).

DSL sucks. I'm sure our local ATT has lost the vast majority of it's DSL users in the past few years because of rollout problems. Their fast connection is around 20mbit/s download and around 2mbit/s up. Our cable company is offering 50mbit/s down 5mbit/s up for the same price. The cable company is also offering 100mbit, 200mbit, 500mbit, and 1gbit connections too. On top of that they offer phone service at half the price.

I think ATT is trying to go out of business here.

ATT also has data caps (now 1TB and $10 per 150GB), compared with the cable companies (in my area) and google which don't. That doesn't seem to stop about 1/2 of my neighbors from using them though (you can usually tell those people because they leave the default ATT SSIDs on their wifi APs).

Once a year or so, it seems they hire some kids to come through the neighborhood selling service door to door. Every time I ask them, do you still have caps? Usually they stare at me blankly, but I then politely tell them I'm not even going to consider their service as long as I'm going to have to worry about a internet bill that could be larger in a single month than what I pay all year for my cable subscription (which literally got 10x better within a couple months of google announcing they were going to target my city).

Comcast just implemented 1TB bandwidth caps in most of the U.S., including where I am, starting on Nov 1.

DSL sucks, but it's not Comcast, which is my only other alternative. I'm just out of LoS for Monkeybrains, and my building is both too small and too old for any of the fancy options.

Complete speculation, but I was told that ATT is getting out of DSL and is working to lay fiber everywhere as a replacement (they are putting it in my neighborhood now). I currently have Comcast 125mbit/s down 25mbit/s up, and I have no complaints. BTW, the best way to deal with Comcast support if you ever need it is through twitter.

Does not surprise me. I switched my internet contract to unlimited LTE here in Austria and it has been great. Would do again.

(Building here has fiber though so I might switch if it turns out to be an issue)

Most tech journalists (the Verge, Gizmodo, that sort of thing) live in either San Francisco or New York, as do the kinds of techies who would raise a big stink over exactly this issue, so carriers have a strong incentive to keep performance there, and only there, high.

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