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I see that mentality in every language, even if its worse in C++ because "close to metal" and "we know C++, therefore we must be good programmers".

What usually happens is that the code gets unreadable/unmaintainable quickly and is still a complete unoptimized mess at the macro level.

Once you realize this you don't need C++ for most application domains. And for the domains where C++ matters you also realize you'd be better off in C with a scripting language on top.

Actually that is how I have been using C++ since around 2006, as an infrastructure language when JVM, .NET or ML languages cannot fulfil my use case, which happens very seldom.

And even though it was one of the languages I enjoyed most using after Turbo Pascal and I even gave C++ classes at the university, I am a firm believer that if Java, VB.NET and C# had been fully AOT compiled from day 1, just like many other alternatives that used to exist, C++ might have not taken off as it did.

The rise of VM languages, with other AOT compiled languages fading away and rise of FOSS written mostly in C, made C and C++ the only languages we could turn to when the performance was lacking, thus arriving at the actual situation.

As for using C with a scripting language, without the safety of strong type checking, real enumerations, support for arrays and strings, no namespaces, no RAII, new/delete instead of malloc()/free() and many of safety improvements from C++ over C, that is not something I will ever advise.

I already did that once with Tcl for two years, no need to repeat it.

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