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The only true conclusion of this study is that students find C++ a bit intimidating.

Which is not surprising at all, because C++ is a very complicated language !

It takes years, even decades before you can master this language - even then you probably won't be using all of its features.

Back in the day, it took me a long time before I could truly grasp the C strings and pointers in general.

Yes, I could write code with pointers and C strings (new char[length + 1] and delete[] str; were my buddies!), but sometimes I was programming with my eyes closed and fingers crossed, because the implications of sharing raw pointers were too complex, especially if threads were involved.

Same with these new features. They may 'look' more modern due to the updated syntax, but the underlying concepts that they are hiding still need to be well understood.

So not surprising that students struggle with getting it right the first time. The good news is that with a bit of experience this becomes easier, as with anything else..persistence is key.

Yes C++ is complicated and yes students struggle with programming. It takes years to understand how to put a decent program together (separation of data, logic and transport etc).

As for your guesswork with C-style strings, you should have been using std::string and using copy constructors to pass work into a thread (eg. who owns the data the thread is working on?). With modern things you can move the data into the thread instead of copying it.

I would recommend students working on their own personal projects as a good pasttime as it further helps anyone understand how to write a decent program and learn the language. Also, tell them to read Stroustrup's book.

I started programming back in the day when every programmer wrote his own String class :).

Standard library was, for one reason or another, unpopular back then. Or maybe because of the C Windows API and later MFC, which came with its own CString class...

Add to the confusion CString, BSTR and std::string and std::wstring. What could go wrong?

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