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Datanet a New CRDT Database That Let's You Do Bad Bad Things to Distributed Data (highscalability.com)
9 points by jaksprats on Oct 17, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

The article doesn't address how to map business logic onto commutative operations, that is the hardest part of adapting CRDTs.

Any guidance on how that should be done?

This is a very good question but its also a leading question :)

Datanet provides a level of abstraction such that business logic does not need to be framed in commutative operations rather you just do normal data manipulation on JSON objects and under the covers there is a bunch of commutative operation magic.

CRDTs data guarantee is called strong eventual consistency (SEC), so they are not fit for certain use cases (e.g. take $10 out of accountA and atomically put it in accountB), but the vast majority (~70%) of use cases can be accomplished w/ SEC guarantees (google Peter Bailis' work).

If you can explain a specific business case I can show you how to determine if it is OK to do in SEC

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