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Is it really worth that? You can host your projects on your own (way cheaper) VPS with ease, and there are numerous free tools to plot contribution graphs and whatever it is you get from Github/Gitlab...

This is exactly what I am talking about. A typical developer response who tries to optimize cents instead of their time. I don't care if things are cheaper (to a reasonable extent). I care about quality and getting things done.

My time and companies time is better spent working on our core product. Can I setup a VPS server with Gogs[1]? Of course, but that is wasted bandwidth and energy. Less than $2 a day for GitHub a tool that I use daily and religiously is great value.

Curious, have you tried running your own startup before?

[1] https://github.com/gogits/gogs

I was curious what you get from Github/Gitlab that you can't get from a simple git setup on a VPS, I was not trying to say you're wasting money or that my setup is better, there's no need to be aggressive. All I ever needed was `git init --bare` and giving out the credentials for the project members, which for me is quicker than setting things up on Github.

If the entry barrier for GitLab is setting up/maintaining your own instance, you can always opt for https://githost.io/

The most value in GitLab today is that you have many things that requires you to setup additional integration with GitHub, as part of the product, and because of that you can get complex workflows mapped easily.

Opting for or favoring self hosting for manageable installations may not simply be a cost optimization strategy at the expense of time.

For example, I personally opt for self hosting in many cases where I need more control over what runs on the server. It saves me a lot of time if I can do this; cost savings is a side benefit.

$50/month for an org? - definitely.

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