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I took the summer off to learn enough ML to transition from a career in software engineering & product / leadership type roles to ML. I suggest for a first round learning practical tools and techniques so you can start applying supervised learning techniques right away while also starting to build a more solid foundation in probability & statistics for future deeper understanding of the field. I've written about my curriculum here with lot's of specific resources here:


That's a great curriculum, thanks for sharing!

So, any luck getting a job?

Not sure whether I should do this too.

Yeah, I'm recently started as a research engineer in a lab at University of Michigan doing self-driving car stuff, will update the website with more info and post-summer reflections within a couple weeks.

Get that job thru connections or a public job listing when you're competing against other applicants?

That's the key question.

Ha, well it was a publicly listed job, but I got pointed to it and eventually introduced to the profs in the course of networking with ML folks in town. I can't speak to how many applicants.

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