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OK: An open-source interpreter for the K5 programming language (github.com/johnearnest)
60 points by sndean on Oct 15, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

A subproject of oK worth drawing attention to is iKe, a livecoding environment which makes it possible to write interactive graphical programs in K and easily share them:


For example, recently I wrote this program which generates abstract art every time you press a key:


Many other demos are available from within iKe itself.

The K implementation isn't done in one long line and has indentation and spacing:


I'm confused.

k4 isn't so bad, either. :)


One essential thing about k/q is its speed. When you use javascript, you lose everything.

It's a training tool. Also, I think John had fun writing an interpreter. It's also a very cool language which people without money don't get exposed to. Maybe it gives people some good ideas.

Well, there is always J (jsoftware.com), which is the standard open source APL-like language. It also has a columnar database. And a wealth of resources available on its website/wiki (more than I have seen for any other language's base website).

My C is usually faster than my k: The greatest value in k is that the language is terse and dense; that it promotes the right way to think about solving problems, not that it is fast.

For an intro interpreter/"how do I use K", using Javascript seems like a big win.

If you need to run K in the browser, speed is moot if it's not written in JavaScript.

Is it? I have only seen anecdotal evidence for this.

The K language is industry-wise not important enough to learn it.

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