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That the sound, the wifi, the sleep and wakeup, the connection to an external monitor and all those tiny little things just works.

Second to this... power management, fonts, hibernation—all the things I take for granted using a mac that I'm suddenly reminded of as soon as I try to use a linux-based notebook. 7 hour battery? Hah—good luck with that when your distro kicks it into performance mode for no apparent reason randomly. These are all the things that keep me using linux on a VM instead of as the host. I could live with it when I was single and had a ton of time on my hands in my 20s. Those days are (sadly!) long gone.

The Dell Chromebook 13 (i5) has about 7 hours of battery life under Linux in my usage. It went down a bit when using something heavy like IntelliJ but otherwise it is pretty good.

Thanks for the rec, looking at purchasing a new machine in the near future, I'll check that one out.

The Linux experience on the Chromebook should be researched before buying it. The best experience comes through removing the write protection on the motherboard and flashing the BIOS. I haven't done that myself yet.

Check out Solus. It's the best out of the box Linux experience I've had by far and the developers are super quick and friendly!

What are the things you appreciate about Solus as a developer? What makes it the best out-of-the-box experience for you?

I haven't touched Fedora in 4 years just about - due to the wifi being so flaky :/

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