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AFAIK GNU Social uses OStatus, which uses WebFinger (for identities), Salmon (for replies), ActivityStreams (for posting), etc.

Some relevant links from Google:



I'd look for some libraries which implement those specs. If you can find some in Python, then integration would mostly be a case of marshalling data between your representations and those standards. If there's no Python support, then you could either make a library yourself or use a supported language to make a standalone translation server to convert between the standard formats and some some simple raw serialisation of your data.

Edit: also, security/encryption might be a hurdle. I played with Salmon years ago (using it as a plugin for the ocPortal CMS) when it was first announced; the example code was trivial to get up and running, but it required some not-so-straightforward crypto/certificate stuff to properly implement the "magic signature" part. IIRC this couldn't be done up-front by a developer; it would require some work for each deployment.

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