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Google Cloud Vision API is very expensive though -- if you can sacrifice some amount of quality, it might make sense to go with the open source alternative. At $2.50/unit the cost is absurd, and even the free trial expires after 90 days.

I just checked because I couldn't believe that price.

"Price per 1000 units. Unit volumes are based on monthly usage." It's $2.50 per 1000 units, so 0.25 cents per unit.

Edit: And, according to the pricing page [1] the first 1000 units are free.

[1]: https://cloud.google.com/vision/pricing

Note that's $0.0025 per unit, not 25 cents per unit. Your post is correct, but, ya know, Verizon math is a real thing.

My mistake -- thanks for pointing that out. I think I was in shock, and didn't take a closer look.

This is the correct pricing. One caveat: Even the free tier requires you to enter a credit card.

For higher volumes, there is also the OCR.space api. It offers 25,000 free conversions per month. It is not as good as Google, but works fine on screenshots.

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