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Since we're trading "I failed" stories...

I spent a weekend tying Tesseract together with Tekkotsu (the amazing open framework for the Sony AIBO) in an attempt to teach my robot dog to read. The eventual goal being to hook up the output of OCR --> Text To Speech (TTS) and have him read to me.

Alas, the low resolution of the camera was an insurmountable problem. Poor Aibo needed 40-point fonts and I practically had to rub his nose in the book. Not exactly the user experience I was aiming for.

Never got around to the TTS part.

I completely missed the word "robot" then and was pretty impressed that you wanted to teach your dog to read.

I'm trying to fathom how you thought he loaded Tessaract into a live dog.

There are two openings. One accepts anything, really. It's dangerous to try to use the other one, though.

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