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Show HN: Stockrow.com – US companies financial data (stockrow.com)
11 points by iShrimp on Oct 10, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Hey, cool site. I work a lot with financial data and decided to poke at this, here are some thoughts / findings:

- It would be nice to be able to look up companies by CIK instead of just ticker.

- You should support share class delimiters in nyse tickers like BRK.B instead of BRKB

- The chart on the first tab is not split adjusted but the chart on the second tab is but it is not called out anywhere. Check CBB to see a recent example.

- The 'stock price' indicator is not in the list of possible indicators but is in the text box by default.

- The 'share price' indicator shows 'no data to display'.

- There is a typo in the terms and conditions for line 7: "netowrking"

Overall this is a nice resource for quickly looking at fundamentals.

edit: formatting

Thanks, we will go through the list and fix all issues.

Nice job on this. And as Yahoo fails who knows what will happen to Yahoo Finance, so potentially very good timing too.

One piece of feedback for the charts: being able to see the % up/down (over the dates selected) not just prices would be helpful.

For example: in the case of comparing two stocks (or a stock to an index) performance YTD, seeing just prices doesn't mean much, % change (eg +5% vs +10% YTD) is what is being compared.

Hi, yes we are aware of this and plan to add it in the future.

If charts are what I want, I head over to tradingview. If its company data then that's finance.google. I am very curious to know what's the product roadmap for the future?

We currently offer 10-year fundamental data for free, and we plan to expand it to a longer time frame and add more regions like Asia and Europe. We are building a comprehensive stock screener right now with 400 fundamental indicators. Next we plan to add more detailed business descriptions for each company, portfolio tracking, notes, social functions and much more. I would say we are just getting started.

Is there an API? Might be cool to use this to mess around with tensor-flow to predict trading.

Not yet — we do plan to provide one in the feature though

This sort of site would be very very valuable.

You've basically done all of the leg work for someone to start experimenting! Amazing work and I hope you can monetize this.

Thanks a lot! We already do have plans for monetizing (we will see what reality will look like) and hopefully we will start working on that. Just keep in mind that everything that is accessible now will stay free forever; at least thats the plan.

I like it. Why and how did you build it?

We built it because there are not many websites which offer long-term fundamental data for free. Most are only focused on day traders or short-term traders and we felt a site with a long-term approach to investing is missing. It took us a year to get here, because there are only two of us and we do this mostly on weekends. But we have the determination to continue and keep gathering feedback to build something that delivers value to investors.

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