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https://standupjack.com is a side project I started earlier this year on my own. It's making more than $1k/mo now :-)

It doesn't work on firefox. Check your ssl score https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=standupjack.c...

Yeesh – I'll get that upgraded. Thanks for the heads up!

Great landing page! I love the screenshots with example conversations - it makes it crystal clear what to expect from the product.


Very nice looking website.

FYI, you have a typo in the FAQ: "Can I change the time I get asked for an update?". I think "change my time" should be "change my settings".

Good catch!

I really like the prominent screenshots, makes it easy to understand how the bot works.

How did you promote your bot? Just through the Slack store?

cool, id actually been thinking of looking for something like this as we do standups but now with an international team spread across timezones a phone based one isnt really practical

DAMN! i could / WILL use this ASAP.

Very nice!!

very impressive!

Good job.

How does it make money?

If you clicked the link, you'd see he charges $1/user/month for teams with > 3 people.

I clicked the link and it was definitely not obvious how much it cost. I even clicked to add it to Slack and it didn't mention cost or anything. Pretty reasonable question.

It is $1/mo/user over 3 users. Says so on the FAQ.

Curious if they've tried other pricing models. Beyond, say, 10 or 20 users the value proposition shifts against that pricing model IMO.

Definitely worth experimenting with some more. I have some 15+ user teams that think it's worth it though :-)

I think halisaurus meant that the price is a bargain for bigger teams. I would agree - this could easily be worth more than 15$/month for 15 users.

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