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The answer to "Will support contracts end?" is "Yes". The email they sent me says "Unfortunately the shutdown of the company is abrupt. We won't be able to service your contract but we'll try to provide a list of contractors who might be able to help support you. We're also working hard to find a continuity plan, and to rally the community around the open-source project. We don't know for sure how active RethinkDB development will be going forward, so you should make appropriate preparations."

> I wonder what will happen to products like SageMathCloud using RethinkDB now that the company is gone away.

Unlike my first year of using RethinkDB, during the last six months, my RethinkDB cluster has been rock solid stable and I have NOT hit a single noticeable issue. It seems like the last "the devil is in the details" bugs got ironed out a few months ago. So fortunately there is no pressing need to make a decision. My plan is to do what I can to support the open source project, and if it takes up, stick with RethinkDB longterm. If the open source project does not take off within a year, I will probably spend about 2-3 months fulltime (my estimate) to rewrite SMC to use Postgresql and RabbitMQ. Anyway, that's my plan. After this experience, I personally can't imagine rebuilding everything on top of a database that is substantially less proven than Postgresql.

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