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Moxie doesn’t consider that kind of privacy important. Governments listening to you is irrelevant, and third party clients are something he actively tries to prohibit.

His position is that it’s better if everyone gets a little safety, than if a few people get full safety.

Those "compromises" has caused me not to trust him/Signal. Seeing the collaboration for E2E encryption being used at Facebook and Google chat solutions as "opt-in" as a marketing tool doesn't break that distrust either.

> and third party clients are something he actively tries to prohibit.

It's a solution that probably makes sense if you try to solve the problem from within the gilded cages of Google/Facebook/Apple, but it is a kind of exclusionary thinking that to me goes against the spirit of open standards and user freedom on the internet.

"that kind of privacy". So which 'kind' of privacy does it try to improve on? I've been thinking of switching to a different application for messaging and Signal came by a few times but I don't know a lot about it. Would you care to elaborate?

Moxie tries to provide privacy that protects everyone against the normal police, or hackers, or other adversaries – but it does and can not provide any protection against the NSA, or the FBI, and is not intended to do so.

Ah I see, thanks for clarifying that to me :-)

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