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>>It should be prohibited for companies to halt service someone without providing a reasonable explanation.

What a terrible idea.

It's already required in some industries, e.g. those that extend credit.


Is it? I don't think the idea is that they can't stop service for whatever reason, but that they have to provide a reason. On the other hand, I guess it doesn't have any teeth if they can just say, "Because you smell funny plus it's Tuesday..."

What about price discrimination? Should that be legal or illegal?

Do you mean the kind where my wedding cake costs twice as much because I'm gay or the kind where my car insurance costs twice as much because I'm a serial car wrecker?

What about the case where your car insurance costs twice as much because some of your neighbours are serial car wreckers?

Uhm, that's EXACTLY how insurance policies are calculated..

Local insurance claims gears the local premiums, obviously.

If you live in the city with the worst drivers in the country, your premiums will be high.

well depending on the service you are not allowed to halt that service for various reasons - for example you can't halt or refuse to provide service in just about anything for reasons of race in countries whose legal systems I am familiar with, therefore there is some requirement to provide a reasonable explanation for refusal of service in almost any business - it just so happens that an app store type business seems different enough that it does not have to provide the same level of explanation.

They did provide a reason - fraudulent conduct. Are other business required to provide more detail?

No, I was replying specifically to the parent comment that said it was a terrible idea that a reasonable explanation be provided. Although, depending on the relevant legal system, just specifying fraudulent conduct without providing a lot more detail would be in itself problematic.

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