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For what it's worth, both Amazon and Google can be the same way. (I've had to deal with such from both of them before.)

That said, it's not always that way with them, and I suspect Apple is similar. We always hear about the rough encounters, but few people write about "I just had this issue, and it got cleared up immediately. The end."

You have other means to distribute your app w/Android, including self-distribution. It's an uphill climb to be sure, but there are apps who do that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but iOS doesn't offer that opportunity as sideloading and non-Apple markets are not possible unless you jailbreak your device

To clarify, I didn't mean pulling the app, or anything app-related at all. I just meant Amazon and Google both can have such Kafka-esque "you're not allowed to appeal" responses to issues. I've personally experienced it with Amazon, and have read about it with Google.

I don't know how much I should believe you since a comment above you said "(I've had to deal with such from both of them before.)" and now you say you have read about it with Google.

Ha. Sorry, it was a long day at work today... Forgot about the Apps For Business (or whatever they've changed the name to) issues I had back in the day when I had to set it up for the store I work at. Not nearly as mind-bogglingly frustrating an experience as my most recent Amazon issue, which I detailed in another comment of mine in this thread somewhere.

Can you name a single Android app that has even made 100k distributed via side loading? I can't.

Firefox for Android & Yandex.Mail on Yandex.Store. Here you go three examples.

Humble Bundle hosts mobile bundles frequently (Android only). Although they are not as successful or popular as HB's PC games bundles, they certainly bring decent level of exposure and revenue to game developers outside the play store bubble. They're only possible because of side-loading.

I don't know the actual numbers, but I suspect Amazon's non Play Store apps are doing pretty decently.

Amazon's app store maybe?

Out of the frying pan - into another frying pan!

Yah so you trade Google garden for amazon garden. Not sure what that helped.

Betfair app


Depends how to define 'Sideloading'.

With a free Apple developer account you can build an app via Xcode onto your device. These will only be signed for 90 days, but it's something.

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