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Without getting too into it, they thought some data visible in the App was in violation of US drug law (Schedule 1)

Yet other, semi-related consumer apps have this data.

In fact other apps in the store assist with the purchase/sale of these regulated items. A clear violation of Apple policy.

I'm not so mad about being blocked. I'm really mad about the inconsistent/random application of said policy.

Translation: edoceo built an app to help marijuana stores sell weed and keep track of weed and implement controls on the amount of weed purchased and where it came from and where it went.

Other apps either do the same thing or are less obvious about what their functionality is for, and Apple ignores it or is unaware or turns a blind eye.

edoceo thought an app which documents compliance with State law (and documents non-compliance with Federal law) should be allowed in the app store. Apple didn't.

This is a correct summary.

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