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This is the first time I've heard of this (not a mac user but am a developer).

At least as this is software for developers, I reckon most won't mind buying it outside the appstore, it sounds really useful.

A plug for it: I love Dash. I was on the fence for a while ("I'm not more than a terminal window away from 'man foo'; why pay for it?") but now I love having a common interface to lots of the docs I use. It also integrates nicely with common editors, so a single key combo in Emacs pops open a Dash window for the thing I was looking at. Yeah, I know Emacs has that built-in, but Dash in a separate window on a separate screen is still more pleasant to use and look at.

If you're not on mac, there's Zeal[1], that shows Dash doc sets on win & linux.

[1] https://zealdocs.org

Even if you are, https://github.com/zealdocs/zeal/wiki/Build-Instructions-for....

It works quite well for me.

It's a lifesaver on planes where you won't have internet. If only I could download an archive of stackoverflow too, then I'd be set.

I use `devdocs.io`. It's open source and works great!

First time seeing this site... DevDocs is nice!

Wow, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, this is pretty slick.

Oh my...

Dash already includes the ability to download offline Stackoverflow datasets by language.

It's wonderful at Railscamps also! http://railscamps.org

It's great, works a treat with PyCharm.

I like to think this is a foulup and will be fixed soon. However, XCode 8's help system is massively improved and this might be a case of Apple trying to force developers down that route. Which is a bloody shame. I really hope this is just some screwup :(

I'm certain a fake fraud tag is not the way Apple would go about this.

It is helpful when the Python doc's search sucks. Also I keep a copy of all the documentation offline, which is good when I don't always have WiFi

I used to have Dash when it was still free and in beta, but had some use hiccups (was on an older machine) and recently considered getting a license for it and getting the iOS versions as well... So now I have a problem, because my main point was not the Mac version (I could even use the emacs compatible package to browse Dash documentation) but iOS, and that can't be maintained.

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