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Marin Software | San Francisco, CA | On-site | Full-time

Want to join the team of an acquired Y-Combinator ad-retargeting startup? The Perfect Audience (YC 11) team at Marin Software is hiring!

blambert @ marinsoftware.com

== Senior Full-Stack Engineer ==

We are a fast-growing programmatic advertising company working with hundreds of companies you know and thousands more. We've built a simple product that's loved by customers all over the planet. We're looking for a clever full-stack engineer to help us make it even better.

The perfect candidate to join our team would enjoy database design, application logic, and standards-based front ends. You will have a chance to explore cutting edge big data technologies in the context of a modern Rails web application.

This is a chance to work on every facet of a successful web app and grow your engineering skill set.

What we are looking for:

- 5+ years of engineering experience

- Experience with one or more of: Rails, Ruby, MongoDB, Hadoop

- Excellent at communicating and collaborating (ready to discuss features, bugs, architecture, etc.)

- Knowledge and interest around database technologies and Big Data

== Senior Java Engineer for Real-Time Bidding ==

We are a team of engineers focused on building a performant, self-service ad platform that enables small and medium sized businesses to drive more sales and conversions through retargeting lost visitors on Facebook and across the web.

We're looking for an experienced Java developer to hack on our massive real-time bidding system. Our bidders need to scale to handle response times in 10s of milliseconds. Our stack utilizes many Amazon Web Services including DynamoDB, Redshift, EC2, and others.

What we are looking for:

Ability to architect, develop, and test key infrastructure. Solid understanding of performance and design tradeoffs without compromising quality Experience scaling web apps and services, especially on a hosted platform Knowledge and interest around Database technologies and Big Data is a huge bonus 5+ years experience on a team in software development

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