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Sailsquare | Backend Engineer | Milan, Italy

Why join the Navy, if you can (join sailsquare and) be a pirate?

sailsquare, the first p2p marketplace for sailing holidays, seeks a Backend Engineer. We have our headquarter in Milan, Italy, 4X growth in the last 9 months and 1,5M of funding, and we are looking for an experienced backend engineer to join our core team.

= Who we are looking for? =

We strive to find people, above all, with a strong passion for what they do, with a positive, open and collaborative attitude. Ideally you have a total of 3 years of relevant experience as a backend developer (PHP - Symfony), part of which spent in one or more startups, working in teams of at least 3-4 people. Fluent english required.

= What do we offer? =

30-40k€ salary (yearly review), but also: the opportunity to go sailing for free, pretending to be working; an open and collaborative work environment and, frankly, very fun; flexible working hours and, if desired, to work partially remote; use some of your time to experiment with new technologies; 2.500€ budget to buy a workstation of your choice; tech conferences tickets.

Full details: https://www.sailsquare.com/jobs#offer1

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