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Sycle | Vancouver, BC | ONSITE | Full-stack Web Developer / AngularJS Developer / Laravel(PHP) Developer

What we do: Sycle’s mission is to facilitate the delivery of better hearing to the world. We develop software and solutions that allow you to spend more time with patients.

What we are looking for: We would like to hire a few good people. We are looking for people proficient in PHP (Laravel), AngularJS, and MySQL. We are looking for those who are full-stack developers as well as those who are specialists in either language (Especially AngularJS). We are a team of engineers who care about the quality of the code, understand solid principles, driving standards, and helping train the team on new and exciting features in PHP, Laravel, Angular. We are looking for developers who are interested in being key technical influencers for our core products.

We are launching to a private beta for our new product next week and will need to grow fast. We have a generic job posting up here: https://web.sycle.net/about-us/careers/ You can apply through the email on that link or email me directly at shawn.mayzes [at] sycle [dot] net

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