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Microsoft is hiring, we've got a lot of openings world wide.


I have worked here for 8+ years now and I have to say its a really amazing company to work for. If you don't know about Microsoft culture, we've got a ton of smart people and the atmosphere supports people through the good and bad times in their life, while enabling them to be successful.

The only thing worth noting is that most of the jobs at Microsoft when it comes to "build products" tends to be in Redmond, WA. We do have dev centers in other places like our ALM group in NC, or Xamarin mobile team in Boston, but again I just mean "majority" not all when I say "Redmond" :).

Do you have openings in Hawaii Visual C++ team? Or any rem0te possibilities?

However expect much lesser compensation than google or FB. even HBO and Hulu will pay better.

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