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Chameleon | Pacific Time REMOTE (Seattle / Portland / SF / Vancouver / LA / San Diego etc.)

We're looking for a full-stack engineer, our 3rd hire. Prior remote and startup experience required. To be a good fit you'll be chomping to learn quickly and get shit done!

Hate terrible user onboarding? Chameleon (https://www.trychameleon.com) allows you to build data-driven product tours without writing code. We're VC-backed, with revenue and strong growth since our launch 6 months ago.

If you're interested then please email me pulkit at trychameleon [dot] com with some info about yourself.

I recently joined the team at Chameleon. Here's why I wanted to be a part of their story:

1. I used to be a customer and loved the product!

2. As an earlier adopter of Chameleon, I saw the problem the technology is solving and we were delighted with the impact it had on not only immediately having high quality, customized, observable product tours and onboarding experiences but allowing developers to stay focused on shipping product!

3. Pulkit, Brian, and the rest of the team are razor sharp and focused on making a difference for their customers.

I believe there is a bright future at Chameleon and this is an exciting time to get involved.

Interview process would be:

* Quick chat with me (co-founder & CEO) to align goals and expectations

* Discussion with our co-founder & CTO to outline our stack and challenges

* Small task and code review to check we match on expectations

* References and offer

Tech stack?

Client side JS is Backbone + HTMLbars Node.js Rails AWS Lambda MongoDB & Postgres

We have some interesting requirements that we must conform to in order to be part of our customer's web applications. We'd love to explore those constraints and benefits with you.. Brian - co-founder @ Chameleon

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