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Blackfynn | Philadelphia | Full-Time Onsite

Blackfynn is a growing startup that builds software to help researchers, life scientists, and medical professionals do collaborative and team science, notably in the field of neuroscience. We're a driven, curious group wielding data science and building software that meaningfully impacts humans. Our mission is bold, our team is experienced, and our product is ambitious. We're looking for builders to help us bring it to life.

We love individuals who are curious about domains outside of the ones we normally operate in, enjoy polyglot codebases, consider themselves a generalist, and desire to work on products that make a positive impact. The bar for software in this field is, unfortunately, low. We want to change that in a massive way.

* Full Stack Engineer: https://angel.co/blackfynn/jobs/163111-full-stack-engineer

* Frontend Engineer: https://angel.co/blackfynn/jobs/163112-front-end-engineer

We're well funded and have excellent traction on a number of significant partnerships. The product team is a great crew, super bright, without egos, and passionate about our work.

If you're interested, I'd love to talk. chris @ blackfynn.com

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