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antstream.com | London/Tunbridge Wells | Full Time | Onsite | Devops

Technologies: Azure, Windows Server, Ubuntu, MSSQL, MySQL, NodeJS, .NET, Jenkins

Cloud Gaming start-up in the South East of England require exceptional Devops engineer. Antstream, chosen as one of the best UK startups by Microsoft Ventures enable gamers to enjoy 1000’s of classic video games instantly on any device using the latest on-demand streaming technologies.

You will be responsible for helping us achieve our rapid growth plans through standardisation, automation and testing of our delivery processes. You will drive efficiencies and reduce costs while supporting our developers contributing to their success by providing creative solutions to challenging technical issues.

Further details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TxQKJwo2M8pwmmK5nFAEdOen...

Apply: jobs at antstream.com

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