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QA Engineer - 17hats | Sofia, Bulgaria

Let's say you're a freelance photographer/yoga teacher/designer/etc. How do you keep your business running in an organized way? That's what we do.


    * Automated Testing: Write code to automate our test suite. - Capybara would be nice (we're a Ruby shop). Selenium/Cucumber is also fine.
    * Manual Testing: Find bugs, sometimes help kill them with fire, and then drink beers with your team about how bug-free 17hats is.
    * Lead by example

    - Solid written and spoken English, mostly the curse words
    - You want to work in a startup (a.k.a. a place that works hard and plays hard)
    - Experience with automated test tools (Selenium/Capybara)
    - Knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and HTTP
    - You can query things and update them if necessary (MySQL/Postgres)
    - Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues
    - Ability to create clear and concise bug reports with actionable steps to reproduce

    - We'll pay you more than what you're making now. Sometimes a lot more.
    - Work from home occasionally
    - Unlimited holiday
    - Lunch stipend/ Free beer fridays
    - Equity in 17hats
    - Occasional travel to America
email buffy@17hats.com https://www.17hats.com/version2/public/jobs/index.html

> - We'll pay you more than what you're making now. Sometimes a lot more.

Does this apply only to Bulgarian candidates? Somehow it's hard to imagine you're willing to pay more than a western salary (40-50k euro per year) for a QA Engineer in Sofia.

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