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Sourceress | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite (remote possible)

Want to fix the world, but not sure how? Say hi.

We've found a way to channel talent to mission-driven companies and simultaneously build a profitable and fast-growing business. We're looking for engineers who are passionate about making a positive impact.

Our 4-person team is empathetic, intellectually curious, intensely driven, and highly systematic about personal growth. We have interesting ML / NLP problems, customers, revenue, funding, all that stuff, but if you're looking to maximize benefits, we're not the right fit.


- Do you share our values? https://goo.gl/YatLLp

- Can you ship a ton of Python code every day?

- Are you empathetic and communicative?

- Do you care about improvement at both the individual and global scale?

If so, you'd enjoy working with us - email josh@sourceress.co

looks like your site is broken. The front page of 'sourceress.co' just says 'Hello'. If you need someone who can fix it email me at jpbrennecke@gmail.com ;)

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