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If you intentionally install a beta version of a piece of software, you get to deal with bugs. If you don't want bugs, you stick to stable versions. You are literally choosing to test new, buggy functionality by not using a stable version.

They don't report any change logs, features, bug fixes, or anything else regardless of whether it is a beta or stable release.

When shit goes sideways, you have no idea what is broken. Logging also seems mostly non-existent, at least via macOS' Console app.

Shit went sideways around 9/23 for many people across different platforms. It was definitely on the service side, but status.dropbox.com reported no problems. At some point on 9/26, someone fixed it, but no one was notified. Most people eventually re-tried, for the 100th time, of unlinking and re-linking their account. No system logs showing problems and no reports from Dropbox.

If it wasn't such an established service, i.e. widely supported by applications, I'd have ditched it long ago.

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