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I too have been following Justin for a few months. Love the startup takeovers of his account. Justin if you're reading this please do more of them.

Also highly recommend following Mark Suster.

I had no idea Mark Suster was so into Snapchat. He's even blogged about it [1].

What type of content have you seen from Mark?

[1]: Snapchat 101 for VCs and Old Folks https://bothsidesofthetable.com/snapchat-101-for-vcs-and-old...

He chooses a topic and does a snapstorm (a bunch of continuous 10 second videos) on those topics. Quite nice focused advice and personal observations on a daily basis. Topics range from how to raise money and reaching out to angels/VCs to other things relevant to everyday business processes like marketing, building teams, metrics to focus on, common mistakes, etc. Justin recommended to follow him once earlier this year I think. Checking out their stories almost daily is one of my prime use cases for Snapchat since then. (I am in India and in late 20's so have very few folks around me on Snapchat to do anything else really...) Also starting the day seeing Justin following up with example on his advice of "Fitness is the first step to greatness" has personally helped me get a lot more motivated towards a better lifestyle :)

All of Mark's snapstorms are archived here by category, learned a lot from them http://snapstorms.com/

That site is quite the goldmine. It would be awesome to have this preserving other people's snap stories too. I wonder if it's an official site from Mark.

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