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Contextual RNN-GANs for Abstract Reasoning Diagram Generation (arnabgho.github.io)
45 points by vivkul on Sept 30, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

You do realise that CS research takes place at countless places 24x7. I just hate the amount of "research" numb-nuts from IITs think they do when they get the opportunity to do summer research internship abroad. Then they get endorsed & just slap it onto arxiv.org without peer-review or even the mention of a future conference.

All for just getting something to put onto an SOP & run off for an MS & join the big 4. This is the truth. People take advantage of the caste based reservation in India & get into IITs & as if that's not enough 50% of federal jobs in India are also reserved, not to mention the tuition waivers. Then these fucks go abroad with all kinds of loans that ride their IIT tag.

I just pity the other departments which actually do research & are in dire needs of funds for physical stuff.

I know this comment adds shit to HN but so do random arxiv papers. JUSTHADTOGETITOUT.

Could you please specify what is the anger against, in bullet form? I think I gather, roughly, IITs, caste-based reservation, research in CS, funding for research, jobs, social democracy, loan-granting institutions, the universal wave function and boundary conditions?

Anything I missed out on?

Also, could you specify if you've done any statistical hypothesis testing on any of these hypotheses of yours? If so, could you mention the p-values and all other forms of accepted data analysis? Would be honoured.


Bro, get a life. Your thoughts and mind have been corrupted deeply, and I fear if that could be repaired.

You seem too depressed by the kind of life that you live. Stop being negative about everything and finding reasons that are not even remotely related to this.

Hope you save yourself from decaying.

My favorite part of this paper is the wording of the evaluation, where it compares ‚ÄĚcompetitively with 10th-grade human performance". I can't wait until this is a standardized metric.

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