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Benchmarking aside, I think the icgrep approach is very interesting.

The appeal of this sort of bit parallel stuff is that you don't get performance variability. It's all fun and games with literal optimizations until you pick the wrong literal - all you have to do is stuff the file in the down-thread benchmark with a huge pile of "Holmes Holmes Holmes Lestrade Lestrade Lestrade" etc and suddenly both rg and Hyperscan will look a lot dumber and icgrep will keep going at the same speed.

Unfortunately, we've never figured out a way to dispense with literal-based matching for the large scale cases that we work with. When someone gives you a dozen regexes - or 12,000 - bit parallel approaches go into the weeds (as do most regex-oriented techniques; DFAs explode and bit-parallel NFAs - regardless of organization - become ponderous).

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