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TEDxCam: ideas worth spreading in Cambridge, UK (tedxcam.com)
31 points by Robin_Message on April 12, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Thanks Robin!

If anyone from HN would like to attend the event, please use the registration code HackerNews100417 and register at http://tedxcam.com/registration/

Thanks for the code. It seems like the gig is restricted to invitation only 300 peeps.

I look forward to seeing the conference and meeting some other UK based HNers.

You're welcome. The Conference is now sold out.

If you're in the Cambridge area, the University publicises all its public talks here: http://talks.cam.ac.uk/

These are almost all free.

I see the TED talks are spreading :)

We will have our first ever TED in Montevideo, Uruguay: http://www.tedxmontevideo.org/

If you understand Spanish, I really recommend Nicolás Jodal who is our most influential enterpreneur and gives great talks.

Miguel Brechner will probably speak about the OLPC project (which was at its most succesful here in Uruguay) as he did in Buenos Aires: http://tedxbuenosaires.org/?page_id=11

Looking forward to it - Will see you all there!

Simon Singh is the star speaker. His specialty is taking very dry subjects and writing about them in a way that makes them fascinating. "The Code Book" is his best IMO http://www.amazon.com/Code-Book-Science-Secrecy-Cryptography...

FYI. Their registration form which takes credit cards isn't served over https.

Yes it is.

The payment page uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). I suspect you didn't notice this because we use a framed address bar to white label the service provided by Amiando. The fixed URI http://www.tedxcam.com/registration does not refresh to show the HTTP to HTTPS when redirected to the payment page, however, if you were to view this frame in a new window you would in fact see you've been redirected to https://www.amiando.com/TEDxCam.html – a secure web page.

To avoid this confusion and be certain your card details are safely processed, please register via the following address: http://www.amiando.com/TEDxCam.html (which will transfer you to https protocol).

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