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Ask HN: Would you use this service?
2 points by canatan01 on Sept 23, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Hi fellow developers,

For some time I have been working on a website for developers: developerAcount.com

It is a profile page where you can list everything about you as a developer. Plus some of the URLs you enter will be scraped daily so your profile page gets updated automatically (some parts that is).

Is this something you would use as a developer? If not, what are you missing or what needs to be changed for you to use it?

A demo profile page can be seen on http://www.developeraccount.com/bbb/baris-canatan

You can also sign up to test it out, but the edit profile section is not what I want it to be, so I will be completely rewriting that part.

No. I don't want to maintain another account that provides me with no value.

I know you say that it updates automatically, but that's only if I don't switch other services. For instance, if I switch most of my projects from Github to GitLab, then none of my new activity will be carried over on this site that I already forgot about. And I don't want accounts that I've forgotten about competing with ones I actually use when searching for my name.

No ... not really.

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