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The first consumer devices came out and they are very expensive, require a well equipped desktop, the displays are still not that great, the availability is still low and there is not a lot of software for them. Basically everything you'd expect from the first generation. VR badly needs a killer app.

I wouldn't say "very expensive". It's about $2000 all in. Most people can scrape that sort of money together if they really want. It's not like 5 years ago, when it would have cost you as much as a small car to get just a headset. That's "very expensive". Quit going out to eat and drink every weekend for half the year? Not very expensive.

And again, I wouldn't say they are "not that great". They aren't 20/20 vision great, sure, but there is still a lot you can do and it's still possible to hit "presence".

I spend a lot of time exercising with Fruit Ninja and Space Pirate Trainer. I've spent hours at a time in Tilt Brush and Fantastic Contraption. Job Simulator has some bugs, but the gameplay is fantastic and it's not just a one-and-done demo. Jon Favreau's Gnomes & Goblins is cutting edge story telling that is fitting the VR medium explicit, it's incredible. I think your waiting for some time of lots of good content that is already here.

If you fancy yourself an "innovator", you should be getting in now. You need the lead time over consumers to get a handle on how different UX design is in VR.

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